Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Lost Chalice

The Lost Chalice: The Epic Hunt for a Priceless Masterpiece

By Vernon Silver

Illegal trade in antiquities...always a thrilling subject to be sure - but at the level that this book reveals - jaw dropping!

This is a historical journey through time and art, from the seedy world of plundered graves and archeological the upper crust in the finest Museums and Auction Houses.

Riveting, real-life adventure story that will involve you to the world of Euphronios - deemed the "Leonardo da Vinci of Ancient Greece" - his world and culture.

From the back of the book: "Spanning 2,500 years and moving from a Trojan War battlefield to an Athens pottery workshop to an Italian crypt, and involving tomb robbers, smugglers, a Hollywood producer and a Texas billionaire..."

Whats not to like!

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