Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chasing the elusive Green Diamonds...

by John B. Robinson

We have all heard the term "Blood Diamonds" and many have seen the film, Robinson throws the grity reality of the diamond trade in the Congo in your face in this fast paced thriller!

Lonny, diamontaire from a family tradition of diamontaires is looking to cement his personal reputation in the better to do that than to capture the elusive suite of "green diamonds" that is the talk of the Industry. His adventures through the Congo are made more difficult due to his committment to help a beautiful Seminary Student locate her missing father.

Trouble abounds - and not just from the obvious "child soldiers" and unscrupulous miners - Africa is not a culture that believes that women should be in advisory (especially religious) positions over men!

This is a thrill a minute - I am going to go back and pick up Robinson's previous book The Sapphire Sea!

Product Description from Amazon
Fast-talking gem expert Lonny Cushman encounters the dangerous and malevolent world of the African gem industry as he accompanies a young female seminarian from New York to Rwanda in search of her missing father. Once they reach Africa, Lonny chases a collection of flawless green diamonds through the killing fields of the Congo. Their survival depends upon negotiating the bloody network of the conflict-ridden African diamond trade, including Islamic jihadists, corrupt military officers, Israeli agents, Ukrainian arms dealers, and a whole host of con men. Can Lonny save himself and the young seminarian from a tragic demise?

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