Policy/Fine Print

The majority of the books reviewed on this blog are review copies provided by the Publisher, Author or the Vine Program on Amazon...and any links that you click through will probably put a couple pennies in my pocket!

The fact that I received these books gratis has no bearing on the review.  I do not however ever post a review below 3 Stars out of 5 Stars.

If you have a book that you would like me to consider for a review email the info to:  robynahawk at gmail.com

I prefer an actual ARC as I do not yet have a Reader - Do  you hear that Barnes & Noble?  I would love a NOOK Color - and it would be so cool to say - the publisher provided a copy for my new NOOKColor at the start of each review...I'm just saying!  ;-p

OR AMAZON - a Kindle Fire would be AWESOME!!!!   it would be awesome to be able to start a review with..."the author provided a copy for my new Kindle Fire!!!!   ...just sayin!


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