Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jewelry for Your Books!

I am a certified "book lover" - so for Valentine's I decided to look for a piece of jewelry for my current read! I know - I AM weird!
I went to my favorite resoures for artisan jewelry and was totally overwhelmed - so I thought I would share a few with you!
Etsians ( showing some book love...

...a flying fish bookmark...

From: ialuna
Link: [www_etsy_com]

...and how could I resist the "Flies In Love" series...

From: jadefrolics
Link: [www_etsy_com] you can see - any style or theme (I am partial to flying insects!) can be found...

From: HModine
Link: [www_etsy_com] for some book love from the artists at ArtFire (

some gorgeous fabric swatch offerings are available...

From: ndnchick
Link: [www_artfire_com] gets "curiouser and curiouser"...
From: VintageIntent
Link: [www_artfire_com]


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