Friday, May 11, 2012

The Earthquake Machine

The Earthquake Machine
by Mary Pauline Lowry

Mary Pauline Lowry offers up an action filled, brilliant debut novel that takes the reader on one WILD ride!  ...and she pulls from her varied background to develop her characters and storyline.

The Earthquake Machine is the story of a very unhappy 14 year old Rhonda who "escapes" her painful home life to find the one person in her life that she has been able to rely on...Jesus, the family gardener.  Her adventure takes her south of the border and teaches her the value of the people that surround you and illustrates the inequities that exsist between traveling as a young girl versus as a young girl...while also sxposing the reader to Mexico's historically exotic culture.

The story moves well and the charachters will draw you in...from the delightful 14 year old Rhonda who has assumed the blame for he Mother's insanity; her abusive Father; the drug adled Bartender who manages to become a key part of Rhondas travels; to the tender and supportive Jesus and his Mama.

Exploring topics of Mexican and American Culture and Norms along with the obvious "coming of age" issues that any story of a 14 year old will...this is a book that I highly recommend.

Thank you to the author for providing a review copy of The Earthquake Machine.

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