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Review: Curse of the Wolf Girl by Martin Millar

Curse of the Wolf Girl
by Martin Millar

4.0 out of 5 stars This review is from: Curse of the Wolf Girl (Paperback)
If you aren't familiar with this series, I suggest that you start at the beginning...Lonely Werewolf Girl was a much publicized first book for Martin Millar and even garnered praise from Neil Gaiman who encouraged his readers to pick it up. I have to say I loved it and eagerly awaited the follow-up.

Millar's writing is brilliant and his ability to find the voice of a troubled teen (a troubled teen GIRL) is amazing to me. Quirky dialogue, close to crazy at times...Millar excels at those moments when a character is up against the wall, confronting their fears...but he also will make you laugh out loud! You will grow to love these people/creatures...

So, how do I tell you about book two without spoiling the first book for you?

Kalix MacRinnalch is a teenage girl - filled with all of the sadness, angst and self loathing that comes along with that...oh and did I mention that she is also a werewolf?

Curse of the Wolf Girl starts with Kalix in a relatively safe place - in London, living with a human couple and a teenage Fire Elemental who in my opinion steals the show!

I would have given this book a hands down 5 star review but - some of the characters seem stuck. I would have liked to see more growth, especially in Kalix...but do not let this stop you from checking out this book! Millar is a one of a kind author - I think I would read his rendition of the Yellow Pages ;-p

Disclaimer:  I received this book through the Amazon "Vine Program" 

Book Description from Amazon

Kallix, a morose, laudanum-addicted, unschooled, slightly anorexic werewolf is still on the run. The youngest daughter of the Thane of the MacRinnalch Clan of werewolves, held responsible unfairly for the death of the Thane, and justifiably responsible for the deaths of a great many other werewolves, remains prohibited from returning to Scotland in order to maintain the uneasy peace that temporarily prevails in court, despite the endemic debauchery and degeneracy always threatening to again spiral out of control. Frankly, things aren’t much better for her in London than in Scotland. The love of her life is in hiding and her enemies increase in number by the day. Strong as she is when enraged, it’s becoming ever more dangerous to be her. Daniel and Moonglow, her two human friends, do what they can to keep her hidden in plain sight (who would look for a werewolf in a remedial program for high school dropouts?) and keep her fed. Millar is a true world-creator, populating Curse of the Wolf Girl with a universe of characters: fashion-designing werewolves, cross-dressing werewolves, and neurotic, psychotic, and erotic werewolves, as well as fairies, Fire Elementals, and good ole humans — whipping them in faster and faster revolutions with his thrilling, vertiginous rollercoaster narrative.

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