Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Cowgirl Way - Women in the Wild West....

Middle Grade & Young Teens will love The Cowgirl Way: Hats Off to America's Women of the West...it is a wonderful use of old photos and illustration to bring life to stories of women on horseback!

Kids will love this book and will not even realize that they are learning. That is due to author Holly George-Warren's brilliant mix of story telling and visuals.

What I loved was that the author didn't present these women as "also rans". You know, where their story is more about how they worked with their more popular male partner.

This brief telling of the stories and in some cases legends of women who were riders, wranglers, ranchers, showgirls, rebels and even outlaws are just enough information to send students to their libraries and computers to learn more.

...and at this age isn't that the goal - little snip its of story that tantalize and incite curiosity?

BTW - take a minute to check out the fabulous photos posted by the author of famous cowgirls!

Product Description from Amazon:

The 1840s ushered in the beginning of the largest migration in US history. People in crowded Eastern cities and Missouri River towns were feeling the pull of the Western frontier. It was the dawn of a new era of expansion, and over the next few decades, the making of a new kind of pioneer. It was the birth of the cowgirl!

Welcome to the world of nimble equestriennes, hawkeyed sharpshooters, sly outlaws, eloquent legislators, expert wranglers and talented performers who made eyes pop and jaws drop with their skills, savvy and bravery. In this fascinating account of an ever-evolving American icon, Holly George-Warren invites readers to saddle up with a host of these trailblazers who helped settle the West and define the cowgirl spirit.

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