Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NEW? Book Blog Meme: Book Jewelry!

As a jeweler and an avid reader I am always looking for ways to combine my two loves!

So I am starting this meme: Book Jewelry! specific day - just fit it in when you think of it.

There are some great sites that can be mined for "Book Jewelry" - most of the Artisan and Craft sites (Etsy, Artfire, DeviantArt, etc.) will have get the picture.

Be sure to include a link to the bookmarks so if someone wants to buy it, they can! ...and if you let the artist know you featured them - they may give your blog a shout out on theirs!

Some ideas:

Bookmarks that "dress up" your book

"Book Themed" bookmarks - Genre Themes & Book Titles (ie. steampunk or TrueBlood)

Jewelry with a "book theme"

Easy peasy - not a lot of rules...can I count on you to help me get this started?

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