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Bookmark Invitation/Announcement
Your invitation or announcement is printed on a 5x7 piece of 100% recycled cardstock. A removable 2 1/4 x 4 1/2 in. bookmark favor (with 2 different colored layers of Twisted Limb's handmade 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly vellum overlay) provides decoration to the left of your text. We suggest a quotation, graphic, and your name(s) and celebration date on the overlay, but what goes on the bookmark is up to you. Choose one of four brads (fasteners) for attaching bookmark to the invitation. Your invitees will be thrilled to have this attractive memento, even if they cannot attend your wedding or other special event.

Twisted Limb Paperworks is a carbon-neutral production art studio nestled in the wooded countryside of South Central Indiana. Here we sustainably create our colorful handmade 100% recycled paper using old colored office paper and grocery bags, recycled water, and inclusions of flowers, wildflower seeds, grass from our field and ferns from our woods. We creatively assemble our handmade papers into recycled wedding invitations, business promotional items, holiday greeting cards, birth announcements, shower invitations, thank-you notes, programs, guest books, place cards, menus and favors. Our natural eco-friendly papers and stationery are perfectly designed for a celebration that is gentle on the earth.


Twisted Limb Paperworks products are handmade and 100% recycled from Post Consumer Waste (PCW). Our papers are crafted here, in our studio, in the heartland of the USA, using some combination of recycled office paper, junk mail, grocery bags, and even cardboard boxes. No dyes are used to tint the paper. Colors are obtained directly from the materials being recycled.

We offer two styles of paper—paper embellished with ferns, flowers, and raffia flecks, or paper embedded with grass cuttings from our field. We are starting to organically grow and to ethically harvest from our woods more and more of the ferns going into our papers as well.

Twisted Limb is carbon neutral! 100% of the carbon dioxide created by running our facility, shipping, employee commuting and business travel is offset with renewable energy investments through Native Energy. Water used in the paper making process is recycled from our studio's dehumidifiers and air conditioner whenever possible to conserve this essential resource. We donate 22% of our profits as cash and in-kind contributions to environmental conservation efforts and community groups each year.

Twisted Limb Paperworks will add a natural, but unique and colorful touch to your wedding celebration, commitment ceremony, anniversary, birth, bat/bar mitzvah, business event, graduation or milestone birthday. We can create any combination of coordinating colors for your wedding invitations, business announcements, corporate holiday cards, thank-you notes, programs, guest books, place cards, menus and favors. Prices vary so that if you want to save time, you can have Twisted Limb Paperworks take care of everything from beginning to end. If you want to save money, you can do some of the work or assembling of products yourselves. We also create paper, stationery and bookmarks for school and non-profit fundraising.

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